A few words about me

HTML, CSS and Front End

I take exquisite web designs and make them a reality. I build ui pages for blogs, static sites or apps. I turn beautiful designs into elegant code.

Other developers hate the inconsistency of CSS, but I love it and keep up to date with new CSS developments.

I also work with other HTML things, like banners and emails. I've got plenty of experience with Wordpress too.

I'm technology agnostic and have a broad experience with build tools, like SASS, grunt etc. Except my text editor. It has to be Sublime!

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Other Skills

Code and visual skills are only half of the picture for a freelancer. I can communicate effectively, learn new technology quickly and manage expectations, calendars and deadlines gracefully.

I can understand everyone in your business, especially clients, designers and other devs. I can integrate into your office environment and tech stack happily.

I am always on a front end journey. My most recent personal project is in Angular, and I am looking to expand my commercial experience of front end frameworks.

A bit about my skills

HTML5 and CSS3

I am continuously exploring the possiblities of the latest versions of HTML and CSS, while always keeping in mind browser compatability. These are the key tools for everything else I do.


In my work, responsive comes as standard. In the current technological environment, there is no excuse not to be responsive. I use and learn from frameworks to help with responsiveness such as Bootstrap, Foundation and Grid.

Version control

I'm familiar with standard practice when it comes to version control. I've used both GitHub and BitBucket, and both git and svn on the command line, although I quite like the GUI of GitHub desktop.

Adobe Design Suite

My Fine Art background gives me extensive experience with Photoshop and Illustrator. I always use the .psd to build your website and have the appropriate skills to work with the file, such as slicing for the web.

Javascript and jQuery

Javascript and jQuery add dynamism to a website. I'm comfortable with long-form javascript or jquery and am now dipping my toes in some of the frameworks, like Angular.

Build tools

I'll happily use your build tools. Every company has a different stack, so I have broad experience of many of them, including: grunt, gulp, node & middleman. I'm sure a new tool will be developed by the time I write this.

A bit about my services

Front End UI

This is my bread and butter. I supply a performant UI, accessiblity as standard, best practice in form fields, browser compatible and pixel perfect.

HTML Email & banners

I love all things HTML and have experience with the dark arts of email development as well as hitting the ground running with banners.


Having completed my first Wordpress theme, as well as bug fixing on hundreds of client installations, I'm looking for more work in full Wordpress theme development and installation.


As time goes on in my freelance life, I have been exposed to many front end frameworks and have worked happily around them. Now I have completed my first project in (old) Angular, and am looking for new opportunities to dive in commercially.

Samples of my work

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  • Email
  • We are very happy with Jessica's results and her creativity. At Watu, we are looking forward to our next collaboration with Jess.

    J. Pablo Fernandez • CEO, Watu

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